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**We only sell handpicked near round freshwater pearls unless stated otherwise.

StyLe & TipS

 I'm Not A Pearl Type.... 

Think that pearls are boring single strands of whites worn by elder ladies or too formal for you?? 

Think again dearies as pearls are very versatile, can be mix and match and worn to create great look anytime, anywhere.... 

Hip ways To Style Your Pearl.. 

For YounGster:
Classic medium length-single strand white pearls are perfect with maxi or babydoll dresses and jeans..instead of wearing it alone..pile up with other jewellery to mix and match..or wear them alone..excluding the matching bracelet..

For EdGier Look :
Try black pearls to create a bolder and different look..Wear as choker, chunky bracelet or knot a long strand of black pearls over a white tee..*thumbs up**

For Formal/ DInner Get-Up:

Casual dinner with multistrands of multicoloured pearls set you as simply spectacular.

For a smoking hot look, layers long and short strands of  pearls together. Take your sense of style to the limit and mix and match different colour of pearls.

For a Girls' Out :
To complete the chic look, top a long pearl necklace over the plain top or cardigan. multicoloured strand will make your outfit more sassy.
Coin strands are more dramatic than the round strands. Will compliments a chunky pullover or a business suits.

**all pictures credits to http://www.love-my-pearls.com/

2 lengths?? Indefinite Possibilities...

Too Short a Short strands???

Tie two or more single short strands for longer one

Put together double and single strand for a bolder look

Wrap it around your wrist for a shiny bracelet

Use it as a chain for your pendants
What to do with a long pearl strand?
Wrap it twice or three times around your neck for more volume

Tangle it nonchalantly in half-length to get that sophisticated look

Spice up your v-back dress with a rope necklace knotted in the back

Wrap your pearl necklace several times around your wrist for a chic and bold bracelet

Mix and match it with two or more strands of various lengths to make a statement; twist them or let them mingle while you walk.